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About Wild Spirit Films


Wild Spirit Films is a grassroots indie production company specializing in

Canadian documentaries, short films, promotional and corporate film and video

production.  We are currently in production on many important socially-driven

documentaries and we continue to provide a voice for musicians in the Canadian

indie music scene, through the making of successful promo videos.  Please see

below a list of documentaries and promotional videos in the works.


Hippy Hippy Shake: The story of Yorkville  is a one hour documentary about the

sights and sounds of Yorkville Village during the 1960's and 1970's in Toronto

Ontario.  This film is in the research and development stage.  Stay tuned for

exciting news about the development of this film.



In My Blood is a documentary about the life and tough times of coal miners from

Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.  This film is in the production stage and

should be complete by the spring of 2015.  

Visit the photo gallery for production stills.


This film is dedicated to my grandfather John Cole Rose of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and

to all the brave men who risked their lives to put bread on the table for their


Not in My Hood


 Following the lives of boys from a neighborhood known for guns and gangs.  This

documentary film is in the pre-production stage.

Protest This


Protest This is a documentary about community activists and protesters in Toronto.  

The main focus of the film is to find out if protesting alone makes a positive

change in our society and to see if the general public listens to what the

protesters and activists have to say or do they judge them and turn a blind eye

and ignore their messages altogether.

We will be following a few key people on their quest and journey to make a


Please see videos and production stills. 

This film is in the pre-production stage. 

Kingston Rd, a road story


Kingston Rd, a road story, is a film noir style historical documentary about the

seedy side of Kingston Rd in Toronto, Ontario since the 1940's.  We are currently

in pre-production and are expected to begin shooting in May of 2014

A Fan Forever


A look into the world of dedicated and true blue Toronto Maple Leaf fans.  This

film is on hold for now as it is almost impossible to make a film about hockey

players without being hounded by lawyers from the hockey world.

A Tall Tale In The Making


A Tall Tail in the making is a behind the scenes documentary about a film by

Peter Rowe and Richard Leiterman entitled "A Tall Tail" which is at the NFB of

Canada.  A Tall Tail in the Making is a 15 minute short film and has had its debut

at The Beaches Film Festival in Toronto in 2005.  This film is complete.  To see

this film visit the video section and enter "junie" as the password.


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